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In the digital age, seamless integration of web configurators is essential for businesses aiming to offer personalized experiences. Animech excels in this realm, providing effortless integration across various systems.

AQUABUILDER’s strength lies in its adaptable architecture and robust API, facilitating smooth connections with platforms like e-commerce websites, CRMs, and ERPs. Its compatibility with industry-standard protocols and formats accelerates integration efforts, while modular design enables easy customization.

Pre-built connectors for popular platforms, extensive documentation, and dedicated support ensure a hassle-free integration experience. With AQUABUILDER, businesses can swiftly deploy configurators, enhancing user engagement and driving sales in today’s competitive market.

Must-have integrations

Sales Enablement Platforms: Enhancing Your Team’s Efficiency
In the modern sales landscape, the right platform can make a world of difference in aligning and empowering your sales team. AQUABUILDER stands out by integrating seamlessly with whichever sales enablement platform you’re utilizing, adding an extra layer of product detail and customization capabilities. This not only enriches the platform’s functionality but also significantly drives conversion rates by providing potential customers with a more detailed and tailored view of what they’re purchasing.

ERP Software Integration: Streamlining Imagery and Visualization
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is crucial for managing a company’s day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, procurement, project management, and supply chain operations. AQUABUILDER complements ERP systems by streamlining the process of managing product imagery and visualization. This integration ensures that your product visuals are always up to date and accurately reflect your inventory, making it easier for your team to make informed decisions and for your customers to understand what they are buying.

CPQ Platforms: Elevating the Configure, Price, Quote Process
“Configure, price, quote” (CPQ) platforms are designed to help sales teams quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders. AQUABUILDER enhances CPQ platforms by introducing dynamic product visualization, which displays the product in real-time as its features are customized and its price is calculated. This innovative approach allows customers to visually experience their customizations, leading to increased satisfaction and higher conversion rates as they can see exactly what they’re getting for the price they’re paying.

PIM Systems: Visualizing Configurable Products
Product Information Management (PIM) systems are essential for efficiently managing a company’s product information. AQUABUILDER enriches PIM systems by offering advanced visualization capabilities for configurable products. As products are being created or updated within the PIM system, AQUABUILDER allows for these changes to be visualized in real-time. This feature is particularly beneficial for companies that offer customizable products, as it helps both the sales team and the customer understand and see the product variations as they are configured.

AQUABUILDER provides a comprehensive suite of visualization and customization tools that enhance and integrate with sales enablement platforms, ERP software, CPQ platforms, and PIM systems. By making these processes more visual and interactive, AQUABUILDER not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of sales and product management teams but also enhances the customer’s buying experience, leading to increased engagement and higher conversion rates.

AQUABUILDER is for everyone, no matter how they like to browse. Whether your clients prefer kicking back with a computer, lounging with a tablet, or scrolling on a smartphone, our platform works like a charm across all devices and systems. So, whether they’re at home on the couch or out and about, they can dive into designing their dream pool hassle-free. With AQUABUILDER, there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues—just pure, easy access for everyone, everywhere.

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